Computer Science Scholarships for International Students in the UK

Having good computer knowledge is the key. On this site, we give you updates on how you can gain education through scholarships. Computer Science scholarship for international students is an opportunity, everyone should utilise it.

We’re a pioneering university, steeped in history and culture, yet constantly evolving and adapting to the demands of modern higher education. Modern education is achievable.


This makes you are eligible. If you are an overseas student and hold the equivalent of either a UK First Class undergraduate degree or a UK 2:1 undergraduate degree with a First Class Masters degree in a technical subject.

The following MSc degrees and their Year in Industry variants are eligible:


The benefits of this scholarship program are good. £2,000 tuition fee discount. Eligible Indian nationals and students domiciled in India, who pay international fees, will receive a £4,000 tuition fee discount.

Apply here:


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